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Online Bingo

Bingo is traditionally a slow-paced game where players wait for numbers to be called out and mark out the corresponding number on their bingo cards. The game is won when the winning pattern has been marked out on one of the bingo cards.

Everyone must have played that game at one point in their lives, maybe as a child on a family holiday or just having fun with friends. The very first form of Bingo can be traced to an Italian lottery dating as far back as 1530. Over the years, it has developed from using beans to dispensing machines with automated cards. Today, it is considered as one of the more popular social activities.

Bingo used to be thought of as a game played by old ladies or people with low income. Bingo events were also traditionally popular for charity fundraisers. Today however, you can find people of all ages, from both sexes and from various backgrounds playing the game online.

This game has evolved from being a staple charity event to a favored pastime for a lot of people. Bingo parlors are also easily accessible. Players would not have trouble finding a place to play at any time of the day.

In recent years with the onset of the Internet and online gambling, bingo has gotten even better. With this improvement came a surge in the number of players from even more varied backgrounds. The game is simple and, with only a few basic rules, anyone can start playing almost immediately.

With the Internet, you can play anytime you want as these games run 24/7. You don't have to go out to play as online bingo is available in virtually any online casino. With only a computer and access to the Web, you can play bingo anywhere, from the comfort of your own home or even from your workplace (don't get caught though).

Statistics show that the average age of a bingo player is 35. This means that the usual range of players you would find playing online bingo would be from 20 to 50. More men are also playing bingo. Online websites show an increase of 30% men from the 20% average in land-based bingo.

Aside from that, more money is being spent in online bingo, averaging £5 spent in one session. The regular bingo player spends 5 hours a week in land-based facilities while online players play as much as 20 hours a week. The online bingo player usually plays at home, but some play at work too.

Research shows that 78% of adults use a computer with 45% of those accessing it at work. Of those at work, 31% use it for personal amusements. If you're one of these people, you might find some websites helpful in tricking the people nearby to make them think like you're busy with work. has a panic button that you could click to open up an office document to make it seem like you are working. It also has sound effects that make it seem like you are typing on the keyboard.

In general, online bingo allows for a quick fix when you want a little excitement while playing. Just make sure your boss does not catch you playing while at work!

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